March 01, 2014

On the occasion of International Woman’s Day, Langley MP Mark Warawa issued the following statement:

“As we celebrate International Women’s Day, I would like to acknowledge all of the women across our country – including women business owners – who work hard every day to support our families and enrich our communities. The Government of Canada is behind you and will continue to enact policies that ensure a solid economy and improved prosperity for women, their families and all Canadians.”

“I invite all Canadians to be a force for change in our country and around the world through spreading awareness, valuing women in their communities, and opposing discrimination in every form. Support for women and their rights, equality, and prosperity is vital for the health of our country, and our world.”

Background: This year’s International Woman’s Day highlights the important role played by women entrepreneurs in the Canadian economy, with the theme: Strong Women. Strong Canada. Canadian Women – Creating Jobs One Business at a Time.

For more information on International Woman’s Day, please go the website for to Status of Women Canada website at


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