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con lăn băng tải

In industrial production lines, industrial rollers play a very important role. It helps the process of transporting goods faster, saving a lot of labor, so efficiency and productivity are increased. With the diversity of industries today, there are many types of rollers with different designs and uses on the market. And Phuong Tri Tin Mechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the address for manufacturing rollers, roller conveyors on demand with very good quality and price that you can trust and choose.

Industrial Roller

Rollers (con lăn băng tải in vietnamese) are widely used in manufacturing and transporting goods

Industries With Industrial Roller Application
In addition to helping to transport and classify goods lighter and faster, industrial roller conveyors also help the production process to achieve better efficiency. Specifically, the industries that are applying rollers in production lines such as:

– Assembly line of technological products. Packing line, transporting food products, bottled water, …

– High-strength rollers will be used to replace human strength working in dangerous environments as well as transporting goods with large tonnage such as industries in the fields of mining, metallurgy…

– In addition, the rollers are also used in hazardous environments such as waste treatment, chemicals, etc. to help the line operate better without affecting the health of workers.

con lăn băng tải

Roller application for industrial production lines

Prestigious Industrial Roller (con lăn công nghiệp in vietnamese) Supply Address
On the market today, Phuong Tri Tin Mechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the base for the production of all kinds of rollers such as rubber rollers, stainless steel rollers, plastic rollers,… industry with price and quality. most reputable.

Along with a team of hard-working, highly skilled technical staff along with modern and advanced machinery and equipment, our company is always ready to meet the requirements of customers in a fast time. Best.

Industrial roller products manufactured at Phuong Tri Tin can be mentioned as: steel rollers, rubber rollers, stainless steel rollers, plastic rollers, etc. with high quality not inferior to any imported products. which password. Fully meet the requirements with great advantages such as high temperature resistance, large load capacity, flexible operation, durability … with the most favorable price.

Phuong Tri Tin – A reputable and quality roller supplier

Why Choose Phuong Tri Tin as a Roller Supply Location?
Before being sold and delivered to our customers, our products are tested under a very strict process. Special attention is paid to the product’s concentricity and ability to keep stock. Because it can be said that these are the two factors that most determine the quality and life of the roller.

Comes with a warranty policy, preferential roller maintenance, clearly, as an affirmation of our quality. So when customers buy our products, you can rest assured.

In addition to manufacturing industrial rollers, Phuong Tri Tin also consults and provides the best automation solutions for customers to help the production line be automated in a modern way. Contributing to customers’ production to be operated stably and with higher efficiency.

See more at: https://phuongtritin.vn/con-lan/


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