Warawa Offers Condolences to Solomon Islands Flood Victims


Langley, BC – Langley Member of Parliament Mark Warawa has sent his condolences and prayers to Solomon Islands where thousands of people still remain homeless. Approximately 4,000 people will have to rebuild their homes entirely, due to the extent of the damage following last month’s disaster.

Three weeks after the worst flooding in Solomon Islands’ history, the lives of more than 50,000 people – 10 percent of the country’s population – are still affected by the disaster. A total of 22 people were killed.

Solomon Islands Honorary Consul – General to Canada, Ashwant Dwivedi has met with local Langley MP Mark Warawa to further discuss the situation.

“My wife Diane and I join Langley residents in offering our thoughts and prayers to the families of those killed and the thousands of people who are affected by the tragic flooding on the Solomon Islands,” said Langley MP Mark Warawa.

Consul-General Dwivedi in a statement said that a recent Red Cross report states that 4,000 people who were in the worst affected area, still remain in evacuation centres. He said that for approximately 4,000 people there is nothing left of their homes and it could be months before they can re-build a place they can again call home.

“They don’t have a place they can call home. They have lost everything. Kids have lost their toys. Students have lost their bags and books and those who survive on farming stood helpless as they watched their crops being washed away,” Consul-General Dwivedi said.

Consul-General Dwivedi said that it is one of the worst floods the nation has experienced.

“I understand from official reports that the Solomon Islands Red Cross continues to deliver purified drinking water every day, essential in the prevention of the spread of waterborne diseases to the affected people. This is a tough time for the nation and its dear people. International aid agencies continue to provide assistance and we need more support from the International community,” Consul-General Dwivedi said.


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